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Tapestri takes your ANONYMOUS location data and pays you for it! Almost every other app on your phone already makes money from you - Tapestri wants to pay YOU for this. 

Earn Extra Doing What You're Already Doing!

The More You Move - The More You Make!

To build a business with Tapestri is as easy as hanging a print out on your backseat. You can add additional sources of Income to your time by doing NOTHING differently

Automatically Share With All Your Riders

After you download the app, RSM will provide custom PDFs to hang on your back seat to encourage your riders download the app and get paid RESIDUALLY on ALL your customers FOREVER! 

All Private, Already Happening!

Your data will remain all anonymous. Almost every app on your phone right now is ALREADY selling your data- why not get paid for whats yours??

Completely FREE To Use and Share!

This is the EASIEST money and the opportunity is FREE!

Make FREE Money

This app is completely FREE to you to download and will also pay you up to $25 a month for simply having the app on your phone. The more places you go, the more money you'll make!

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Share This App - Make More Money

RideShare Mechanic will provide an EXCLUSIVE PDF prints out for you to hang on the back of your seat to advertise to all your riders.

You'll make $1 per month PER download that happens with your QR code. There is NO LIMIT to how much you can make by sharing this app! Just download the app and we will send you all the PDF information/instructions to most effectively share your signup link with your rider base!

Get Started For Free

Rideshare drivers are literally PERFECT for this opportunity! Not only am I getting paid more than the average user because I'm driving around the city so much - I'm also able to advertise to my customers with a simple seat hanger and build my Tapestri Business as I Drive for Lyft!

Pam Flanderbum

RideShare Mechanic made it not only possible for me to build an EXTREMELY PASSIVE second stream of income - THEY MADE IT EASY. After signing up, they made it almost TOO easy for me to build a "back-seat-side-hustle". It's not only a passive stream of income - It's also RESIDUAL!

Amir Abujarif

I can't express to you how much of a MUST this is for any RideShare Driver. You literally just hang a back drop on your seat (that RSM provides) with a QR code, and passengers start downloading the app!

Rick Berry

With Tapestri, I'm able to build a residual income by driving for Uber. I am signing up 5 passengers a day and each download I make $1 PER MONTH RESIDUALLY. That $150 a month compounded every single month!

Diane Pulatzky

The Most Convenient Rideshare Inspection in the WORLD

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